There is one thing we do everyday that is critical to enhancing on lifestyle and living standards. This thing can help build our persona, self esteem, relationship, work and family life. This thing is communication.

Every day we wake up, we talk to some person. If we are not talking, we are listening. Communication is used in every place we go. When used effectively, communication can greatly improve our living standards.

We are humans and so we have feelings. How we communicate with the people around us can either make or mar our day. The way a boss or colleague may talk to you is enough to enhance or reduce your productivity for that day.

So, what do you do to build good communication skills?

  1. Learn the act of emotional intelligence- Knowing how to master your emotions, understand them, taking cognizance of the feelings of the people around you and learning to work with them.
  2. Mastering the act of accepting people as they are- When you learn to accept people without any stereotype or prejudice, you get to work more effectively with them.
  3. Putting a smile on your face- Communication is partly verbal and non verbal. The body language you express is enough to give an impression about you and what you stand for even without saying a word. Wearing a smile helps keep give a right impression about you; also reducing stress and worries.

With effective communication, we can all lead a better life, free of worries and quarrels. Go out today, say something nice to someone out there. When you do this, you make someone feel good as well as improving your self esteem. Build your interpersonal relationship skill today and build more effective working relationships.