A lot of us have been involved in friendships, we have had our different experiences that keep pointing to the fact that we are made for connection (friendship). +

Have you imagined that you probably have a mouth and can speak? Our mouth is for connection. “To have a friend and be a friend is what makes life worthwhile” – unknown.

There are friends who become closer than even our blood relations, like the Bible puts it “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother”.

From childhood, some of us have had opportunities of contacting very lovely friends, those with who new shared lovely moments, played together, ate together, laughed, cried, went through challenging times together, and even had to disagree over certain issues bordering on our individual values.

Way back in my secondary school days, I had a friend whose memory has become a precious jewel to me. Though Ake was a little older than I, he happened to be a very close pally through the years. We both had mutual interest in our studies, games, and hobbies. Most times when I “step on the toes” of some other classmates who were also older than me, they find it difficult to get at me, simply because they know my friend will definitely come to my defense.

Each time I recall some of those memory, I keep wondering to myself what it was actually that I contributed towards the quality of my friendships. At that level one thing I can remember is the fact that I always complemented my friend in areas he may not be as strong as I was. I try as much as possible to discover how I can strengthen the ties between us by being dependable and trustworthy.

Another thing that has contributed immensely to my friendships is the fact that there was always commitment to check on my friends through regular visits when it matters most.

It is easy to claim that one has been a faithful friend considering what you may have gone through for the sake of friendships. Think about some friendships you have had that have gone sour, think about the comments made while the friendship was in troubled times, then ask yourself – all the expectations that I put in my friendship;

  • Am I faithful?
  • Am I trustworthy?
  • Am I available?
  • Do I visit?
  • Do I share of my resources?

You can be a better friend to the people around you. Consider the people closest to you and make a decision to develop your connection. A fabulous friendship multiplies the good in life.

Hope to write on how I found my BESTMAN soonest.