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In the first part of this article, I explained that everyone has a unique domain where he or she would function maximally, and that most times we must keep shifting until we identify our true domains. Now, I will explain further how this shifting can be achieved with examples.

Identifying our domain is similar to what people in ethnic groups did in past centuries. They migrated from one land to another, looking for places that would favour their way of life and existence. Some chose to settle by creeks, some in valleys surrounded by mountains, some on arable land favoring the growth specific crops, some close to forests and some on islands. There were reasons why they did so, but the summary is that these habitata they had identified favoured their endeavours.

Everyman who is yet to discover his true domain must remain a nomad, moving from one place to the other in search of that ‘paradise’, where he shall make his settlement.

For you to understand this better, I have taken time to create an artificial character, Emeka.



Emeka came from a poor and troubling past. His father died in the prison during his life imprisonment on the account of murder which he was completely innocent of. Emeka worked extra hard to graduate as a civil engineer because his mum had persuaded him into it. Somehow, he knew that engineering wasn’t for him. However, just after NYSC, he returned to school to study Law because he wanted to dig up his late father’s case and seek justice. He finally became a lawyer. Having practiced for some years, he realized he needed to let go of the dead and help the living instead. He knew that he had to forgive the society and let go the pain of his hurting past. Besides, Emeka soon  discovered had a better calling and he needed to talk to people going through challenges like he had. He began to write books and feature in public speaking events. Inspired by songs like Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love Of All’, he went into singing inspirational music. He furthered his education with an MSc in Guidance and Counseling. Today, Emeka is a popular Nigerian musician and public speaker whose messages have transformed lives, not only in Nigeria but across Africa and the world.

Realizing that civil engineering might not be his calling, yet with the knowledge acquired, he has invested in real estates. He channels his legal concerns into his foundation which focuses on helping prisoners and ex-convicts with litigation and transformation. He also has non-profit organization with hundreds of volunteer counselors that offer free counseling across Africa.

Now, you see how Emeka who came from an insecure and unaligned past found his true calling, thereby identifying and settling in his true domain.

Life is incomplete without self-discovery!

Self-discovery is a continuous process, but it gets to a time when you settle for that place where you must be, as you continue to improve on yourself. Unfortunately, many people often feel reluctant to leave where they are- which in true sense is not right for them- to search for the land of their true belonging. This is often due to insecurity or fear of the unknown. Nevertheless, as foreigners never have full rights in a country, so will everyman who chooses to remain in a domain where he is not a citizen of continue to suffer limitations. It is therefore of great necessity that every man takes the boldness to go in search of his true domain.

Your domain doesn’t necessarily have to fall in one discipline, no! As you keep moving to find your true domain, you will find it in-between lands where your tendency for success lies. That will give you the privilege to tap from them all. Your true domain will then become the intersection of such domains. It’s just like when you are thinking of setting an agro-processing industry. You might want to site it between a village and a large city. The reason being that you get the agricultural produce from the farms in that village, and after processing, your products have to get to the city. You will also consider proximity to other factors that may help your industry. Some ethnic groups in the past considered closeness to several resources like rivers, arable lands, hills, forests, etc and then settled in-between so they could easily have access to all.

Like Emeka, keep shifting until you properly align with that domain that will suit you well. Consider the disciplines that favour you and find a common ground. Build your home and settle there. Let that ground be your domain and there, you will function maximally.

I am a computer engineer, but I like to inspire people. I work as a broadcast engineer and I use that opportunity to make suggestions for TV programmes, documentaries and short dramas. I write ‘Tales By Moonlight’ stories for production because I love to tell both real life and fictional stories too. As an IT personnel, I am trying to use digital tools to reach out to people. I have greater plans and certainly not where I should be yet, so I keep shifting as I discover more about myself. Gradually, I will get to my true domain.

Your domain is not where you try to do the business your neighbor does. It’s not where you delve into your friend’s career.  It’s not where you try to behave like a superstar or conform to a trending fashion. It’s that career and life you discover and build for yourself. It is your own creation. It is a place of life purpose. Find your domain today and if you have done so, remain to fulfill your destiny in life.



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  1. When Nigeria’s super Eagles played the Coroacian team in the ongoing World Cup, viewers observed that most players were not positioned in their areas of strength by the coach. This led to the woeful loss of that game. In the next match against Iceland national team, the coach made the necessary adjustments and super Eagles got the victory.

  2. Very Insightful piece. The part that hit me the most is “As you keep moving to find your true domain, you will find it in-between lands where your tendency for success lies”. Searching for your domain also includes risk taking. And that’s why something when I scared to go for something, I like to ask myself what there to lose if you try and fail? Material things. But what’s there to lose if you don’t try at all? Everything especially self-realisation.

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