The brain, so filled with thoughts

Imaginations brewing from its base

Like from the brewery’s fermentation vat

The sense of speech, so connected

The wiring so systematic

Such that speech is automatic

So much beer, waiting to leave the vat

Through the horn, so wired

Yet, the atmosphere looks so cloudy

The sky so cloudy

Like it will rain blood, if the beer sprouts

What will fall? the horn dreads!

Doff your hats for the quill

That’s as loud as the horns

Picking beer from the vat like seeds unto the land

The Quill, Oh! you have saved many lives

I have you, no need to fret

Take it slow, write all you can!

  • Piece by Abdulbasith Sijuade Akinyem-Eshilokun
  • This is specially dedicated to individuals who have taken time to groom their writing skills. Writing is fun, engaging, impactful and life-saving! Keep it up guys!




14 thoughts on “Freedom of the Writer”

  1. Wow! I am clapping over here. Poetic Sijaude! Our brains are the greatest fountains. They keep springing countless thoughts.
    Writing for me is fun cos I just let out what’s in my mind. Thanks dear!

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