Gratitude to God who makes all things possible. He has allowed that some of our lives will become like funnels receiving and allowing others to receive from the abundance.

That was our experience in our last feature at the secondary school where we visited representing SI4DEV at the Bayelsa chapter.

I was fascinated at the attention from the students at their various levels, their teachers were not left out as they were all caught in the ‘web’ of attention so wrapped that you could hear the sounds of the invincible around us at the meeting.

As our partners poured out from the wealth of knowledge and skills acquired over time, I could only but feel satisfied that we were all part of a big thing happening in our society.

Right there I felt we were nothing but funnels receiving and then pouring out from the other end of it on the empty jars seeking to be filled.

Thanks @SI4DEV!!!

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