June 19th is set aside yearly to celebrate and create awareness about sickle cell disease and the proper cure of the sickle cell disease.  According to wikipedia, Sickle Cell Anemia is a Disease where the Red Blood Cells are stuck into the Blood Vessels which are small and due to which it causes lot of Blockage for the proper flow of the Blood in the Body. Due to this problem, the Body does not get the proper Oxygen due to which it results in the Headaches, Heart issues, Severe Infections, Stroke, Damage of the Organ/ Failure and many more.

Did you know?

  1. Sickle Cell Disease is a major public health issue of concern worldwide that is completely preventable?
  1. Sickle cell disease occurs when a person inherits two abnormal copies of the haemoglobin gene, one from each parent?
  2. Nigeria has the largest population of people with Sickle Cell Disease in the world, with over 150,000 babies born with the disease while about 25% of adults throughout the country have the sicklecell trait, AS?
  3. Sickle cell disease is the most prevalent genetic disease in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) African Region?
  4. Persons with AS haemoglobin have sickle cell traits, and are referred to as sickle cell carriers, while those with haemoglobin SS only (Hb SS) suffers from sickle cell disease?
  5. And carriers should not marry AS or SS blood groups?
  6. Stigma about sickle cell disease should be avoided?
  7. Victims of sickle cell disease can be treated here in Nigeria?
  8. Organizations such as Sickle cell foundation Nigeria, Sickle cell advocacy and management initiative, CrimsonBow sickle cell initiative, Genotype foundation, Tony may foundation, Sickle cell aid foundation, Couple and kids initiative, Noah’s ark initiative, Soulage foundation, Nirvana Initiative, AvoEri Health Initiative etc are all advocating for SCD awareness and support for victims?
  9.  Have you checked your genotype? Is your love compatible?

18 thoughts on “It’s World Sickle Cell Day!”

  1. It is so Funny that some intending couples would see these information and ignore it at the point of marriage, not considering the pain and agony their offspring is going to go through if both parents are carriers of the “AS” blood group.

  2. To bad! See Nigeria topping oh! This is too bad and AS are every where, people just need to be careful so that they don’t get married or have babies who are sickle-celled. It is a very difficult situation to manage. prevention is better than cure!

    Thanks for this information Sir!

  3. Love is no excuse to bring children into this world to suffer. Sickle cell anemia is preventable, if only people would just check their genotypes and marry who they are compatible with. it’s all just so sad..

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