Today the Ambassadors of Strategy and Innovation for Development (SI4DEV) Kaduna Location group had our meet up at Poch Eatery to discuss the way forward.

I am glad to have met this great minds who are already doing exploit.

Get ready because the action will emerge soonest after this successful brainstorming session today.

The discussion was centered around the activities and action plan by our group to improve our community and meet the targets of our partner contract with SI4DEV.

Thanks to you Chuks Clement, Jamilu, John, Sam, Musa, Treasure, and my Humble Self Ukaigweh Roberts Nnaemeka.

First of all Thank you for the initiative and secondly, for the platform provided for us all here.

Indeed as days go on we discover new things about us.

Jamil, John, Chuks, Musa , Sam, Treasure a million thanks for making this meet up a success.

I discovered my people coordination and management skills in another level this period.

This is the beginning of another good thing about to happen to Kaduna State.

Really interesting session..We have allotted tasked to every member..

By Monday 7pm..We will give yourselves feed back

God bless us all.

Saluations to you program Manager.

Let’s do this..



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