Last time, I talked about why we need to be change agents. Now, I will discuss briefly the attributes change agents should exhibit as well as benefits you get from being a change agent.

Again, let’s be reminded of who a change agent is.

A change agent is a person who identifies issues of concern and takes steps to address or solve them. Change agents are usually passionate about making a difference in their communities and in the world.

What are the attributes of change agents? Change agents are:

  1. Observant: They notice what is right and wrong in their environment.
  2. Desirous: They are dissatisfied with remaining in the status quo and desire change.
  3. Empathic: They feel the pains of the masses.
  4. Inquisitive: They seek to know why things are wrong and go about investigating.
  5. Optimistic: They are rest assured that there can be a solution to the issues at hand.
  6. Determined: They are determined to make a difference and find solutions to challenges in the society.
  7. Brave: They are not afraid to take risks and to make public stands about their position concerning issues.
  8. Innovative: They look for better ways of doing things, coming up with ideas, strategies and solutions.
  9. Diligent: They work hard and do the needful to ensure that their plans fall through.
  10. Sacrificing: They sacrifice their time, money and other resources to ensure they implement change.
  11. Good leaders: They organize teams, manage resources and lead people to ensure that goals and projects are accomplished.
  12. Sustainability-oriented: They think of the future in order to ensure that the solutions they proffer will stand the test of time. They embark on sustainable project to ensure that they live on.


Benefits of being a change agent.

  1. You earn respect: As a change agent you are a problem and a savior to your generation. People will look up to you, consult you and follow you. You will identify problems and solve them according to your taste.
  2. You are building your profile: The profile you build from being a change agent cannot be gotten elsewhere. It makes you stand out as a leader and impact maker. Your profile will speak for you during employment selections, grant and fellowship, appointment considerations, etc. in places where you will compete with other, your change making profile will put you at the top.

Do you have the attributes of a change agent? And have you been able to clearly draw up your change-making profile?

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