Hiiiii everyone. I’m really excited writing this. So today my secondary friends and I did a thing we call “Catching up”. Its nothing fancy, just a day we set aside to catch up on old memories, rejuvenate our friendship and just know how we’re doing lately. So because we couldn’t meet each other since we’re currently in various locations, we decided to do a video call on an online group we created several years back.
A friend of mine (shout out to you Ma’u) suggested we do something called personality check. Each of us gets to talk about who we really think we are and then the rest of the group gets to talk about what they think of that person, how the person’s character was portrayed before they became friends. It got my turn and I talked about myself. I said “I think I’m a really nice person, fun to hangout with, but not very friendly with strangers. I’m blunt and very straightforward which sometimes gets to look like I’m mean but I really am not mean. I’m a happy person who loves to smile, cry (I hate this one) and loves being in her space because I hate troubles and I’m powerless when it comes to fighting, and lastly I’m all about being successful”.
My friends got to talk about me and majority of what my character told them before we became friends was ” I’m really disrespectful and mean, super strange introvert, greedy individual and a dummy”. Majority of what they think I am lately is “A nice person, an extrovert but only with friends and close relations, a baby who likes to act like she’s the older one, a freak for productivity and success, a money saver blunt and sometimes mean individual, a cry baby and smile machine”. 😁😁😁 what an amazing description.
So I thought to myself after the discussion ended. Why don’t I put this post here and get to hear peoples view of themselves and what peoples view of them is like. I mean, this way we get to check ourselves, see our good and bad sides and maybe get to see someone like us. Its not everyday we should be talking about serious stuff. So let’s keep the comments coming and let’s have fun.

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