Hi Everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful month. Around May this year, I found this really good motivational tips that has helped me focus more on DOING instead of just wasting time while sitting down to think, talk or write about things that I want do.

So what I mean by DOING here is actual creating, taking an important action to get to your goal. It may be writing that proposal, or studying for an important exam all just so you can achieve your goal. So here are 3 quotes to motivate you.

1. Do The Thing And You Shall Have The Power~ Jeff Olson.
This basically means that you need to do what you need to do in order for you to get what you want to get. The power is in the doing. Every other thing such as thinking, planning, talking etc is a waste of time if nothing is done. Always remember that you can’t control the result of the deed when its already done but you can control the process of getting the result.

2. The Reward Is In The Doing~ Steven Press field.
This means that you have to enjoy the actual act of doing whatever it is that you’re doing or want to do for the fact that you love it and you’re passionate about it and not because you’re getting a reward or result at the end. Focus on doing and enjoy the act and you’ll be more motivated to keep working.

3. Do A Lot Of Work~ Ira Glass
If you want to grow, you have to do a lot of work, you have to keep training, practising, creating, doing, doing, doing, continuously because that’s how you get better at anything. Remember that 90% of the successful people that we see on TV, read about in articles etc have come a long way that involves alot of work to get to where they currently are. Successful work is all about putting a lot of quantity (time) that turns into quality overtime.

I hope this motivates you to do something now.

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  1. Nneka, your lines are so inspiring that I wonder if you’re out of this world. The subject matter “Just do it” reminds me of a brand NIKE.

    Those tips you outlines are so impactful. And I just want to say thanks a lot for teaching me through your lines and getting me motivated again.

    Permit me to say you are a “Darling”.

    Thanks for sharing.

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