There is a popular saying that has to do with cleanliness.
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
This same assertion holds true and I believe strongly is ageless fact. I am sure that leaving my house going to be fun, but had a trouble of mix feeling, thinking and trying to fathom how the whole work was going to look like. I have been truly involved in so many things so much that I like to refer myself as man of many parts but sweeping a market place wasn’t any of my past experience. I imagined how I was going to be viewed by marketers; buyers and sellers alike, and this is not about me but the team in totality.
My second fear was what would happen if arrested in the course of journey to the agreed place of execution of the humanitarian exercise. Hmm, well, like you are thinking right now, and maybe smiling, I decided to hold my peace and take the chance.
At the Scene
We wondered if the sanitation exercise was going to hold at all because there were so many people in the market as early as 5:30 a.m when I arrived at the Kpansia market, our agreed venue. Not too long from that time madame monisola, the state Rep arrived. We both were dazzled and bewildered. So much lawlessness, deliberate step ignoring fixed law.
When we approached the spot in our radar, it was disgusting what dirt buyers and sellers were sitting and marching while carrying their transaction. One not strong hearted would automatically throw up.
The Service
Cleaning began in earnest. Every partner to his or her corner. The marketers wondered who we were? As some out of fear covered their wares and left the scene to stand farther from where I think they may not easily arrested, an escape route.
Someone noticing how we did the sweeping thought loudly and we could hear her exclaimed excitedly, “ehen! This is exactly how the market should be swept and kept clean not taking money”.
The Impact
This was the most surprising moment of the exercise. Before reaching the terminus, we could see people joining us in the exercise. The snap shots was handled by a lady who was traversing, and she did so joyfully and showed interest in becoming a partner. There were men and women who asked us for brooms in order to sweep the inner side of their location and were grateful for what we did. Some couldn’t hide their feelings, that they asked us who we are.
Lesson Learnt
Little things makes the difference. Never wait to have it big before you could do that small thing in your mind for the good and development of the society. Had we waited for a politician or government official to grant official writing we would not have carried that out. Although, it is not rule out completely the place of ascent from notable and responsible quarters. We are NIGERIANS and ONLY NIGERIANS turn around this Country not STRANGERS!

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