The increasing participation of youths in violent activities in Nigeria in recent times is a source of worry to both policy-makers and researchers alike. Most violent activities, ranging from armed robbery, cultism, rape, street fighting, electoral violence, to violence during crises moments in Nigeria are being perpetrated by youths. Yet, the very future of this country depends on the kind of youths the present generation is able to nurture. Youths have a number of characteristics, which include physical stamina, exuberance, intelligence, and perseverance, among others. All these potentials, if properly harnessed, constitute an invaluable asset to any nation. Failure to fully harness these potentials in youths only spells disaster for the future of any nation.

World Institute for Peace Kogi State Branch an organization that is out to curbing menace in the society with the aim of promoting peace, Enhancing humanitarian services and persevering human rights held a Peace concert on the 4th of August 2018. The Organization used visual simulation which is a global art that could queue a range of positive emotion, communication, exploring the past, the present and the future.

Peacebuilding on the other hand refers to the steps taken by multiple stakeholders towards establishing positive peace in the society. World Institute for Peace Kogi Branch as a Peace seeking organization launches the State Square as a “Peace Circle” for youths in the State to refer to the circle as point that will spark up the ideology of peaceful coexistence setting aside every differences (racism, Religious, Ethnicity)

SI4DEV KOGI/LOKOJA was invited and was represented at the peace concert.