2.Opening prayer
4.Last minutes report
5. Adoption of last minutes report
6.Review of last project
7.Meeting venue
8. Brief Training by Sadisu & Hezekiah from previous workshops attended
9. Way forward and how to go about it
11.Next meeting/adjournment
12.Closing prayer

The meeting of the SI4DEV Nassarawa Kano location started at exactly 1:30pm with opening prayers from Miss Rahama.
Introduction was skipped because everyone present was familiar faces.
Last minute report
The minute of the 5th meeting was read Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) and corrections were made.
The minute was adopted by Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) and seconded by Mr Abimbola.
Matters from the Last Minutes
Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) says, anyone who has not contributed on the group chat or attended any of our meetings or programs be removed.
Review of Children’s day report
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary) read the report of the last program done on 31st July, 2018 at Cedar Presidential Private College Yankaba, kano.
The secretary (Mr. Hezekiah) appreciated everyone for making the program a success and wish that our effort will not be in vain and also says he has written the report and posted on the website and was approved by the website administrations and he enjoined everyone to try and be visiting the website so that they can also be seeing our programs updated there too.
Mr Sadisu (Asst. Coordinator) says the secretary should try and always copy the link of each our report whenever is approved by the website administration and paste it on the group chat so that it will be easier for others to access it.
Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) says we will be meeting more than once whenever we have a project so as to enables us to brainstorm and plan well.
Meeting Venue
Mr Babatunde (coordinator) says we will write an official letter to American corner seeking for every first Saturday of every month, Thursday 9th August, 2018 by 11am was agreed that Coordinator, Assitant Coordinator, secretary, Miss Rahama and Mr Musa will submit the letter.

Training/Experience Sharing
This agenda is based on the trainings and experience that some of the partners have gained in representing SI4DEV Nassarawa Kano location.
Mr Sadisu is now an Alumni of YALI
He shared with everyone present how he joined YALI 3 years ago even though not active but was trying always answer questions whenever he see’s any opportunity and in 2017 received a mail from YALI for a training after which he was interviewed about 5pm Nigerian. He was letter granted a congratulatory mail for him to go for 6 weeks online training and also mentorship.
He later go on to develop his own company name and now he is into computer training and selling of computer accessories and he went for internship at Aminci Radio station in Kano.
Benefit of being an Alumni of YALI
There are specific grant meant for Alumni’s to apply
One can bring a lot of benefits to your communities.
Hezekiah’s experience during the just concluded central bank workshop on funding SME’s on 2nd August, 2018 at Meena Event Center Kano and Act4’s organization development resource mobilization training summit held on 19th June, 2018 at Tahir guest palace, Kano..
He says he could not stay to the end of the workshop because he never knew he would attend the meeting because he already had other engaged activities for that day but from what he learnt in the brief moment he stayed in the workshop, he learnt that, every business owner has a challenge and every bodies challenge is not the same but the GREATEST challenge every entrepreneur faces is the HIMSELF. We are the problem of ourselves.
From Act’s 4
The speakers introduced their sleeves as Omolola (Act4’s Executive Director) and Rashida (Diafund president).
E.D Omolola introduced the agenda of the training, what each speaker will train us about, and the summary of the over view.
Introduction to organizational development.
Importance of strategy and strategic planning.
Strategic plan Vs operational plan.
Processes and lateral capability
People practices.
Why organizational development?
Organization development is an effort that is:
Managed from the top
Increase organization effectives
Reward system
We should celebrate each other when ever grants are successful by appreciation, birthdays etc.
Strategy represents an organisation-wide consensus among staff, directors and other stakeholders.
Strategy must be institutionalized.
Long term (usually 5-10 years)
Focuses on the future achievements and conditions.
Weights a series of alternatives before making fundamental choices made.

Short term (1 year or less)
Do the basics right.
Show value to your donors by using money wisely.
Invest in a donor management system that can track donors and extract relevant data in a simple way.
Understand your donors
Know your donors beyond how much they have given.
Look at alternatives ways of target donors.
Develop a data drive strategy
Understand your segments and data
Reliable data that tells who your donors are
Spend time on rich content
Deliver your story/vision in a way they can understand it, your channel strategy doesn’t matter.
Understand donor channels
Personal channel (email, phone call) yield higher donor expectations.
Be specific when personal channels and more generic TV, radio ads etc.
Community accountability is the means by which an organization remains accountable to
funders, partners and other community members.
Are donated funds being used ethically and as promised?
Is the information given to stakeholders accurate and complete?
How does the organization ensure it remains accountable to the community it serves, especially if the organizations leadership has societal demographic privilege?
If you have not invested in an organization, you have no business being there.
Organization are based on personal relationships.
Your programs should be align with your mission.
Expose your staffs, volunteers for opportunities by going to programs, activities.
Arithmetic of fund fundraising
Fundraising prospects
Set SMART fundraising goals
DIA fund criteria
Marketing and communication.
Fundraising should be sent out to donors by end of March maximum for next years
Submit proposals at least one a month.
Research — what type of donors could be interested in your NGO
Set google alerts— set key words ex.RFPS, Health Kenya.
Set up tracking system
Evaluate your ability to win
A training manual was included. There was tea break and lunch break between the trainings.
Each participant was issued a certificate, flash drive that contains the training.
He also says he will be sharing the training materials on the group chat so that everyone can have access to it.
Mr Ismail is writing exams and other members called that they could not it for the meeting.
Mr Sadisu (Asst. Coordinator) says we should have a representative today on the campaign on PVC. He says Rahama is organizing a training for girls on cake baking and cooking and he also says there is an organization that will be launch in Kano on 29th August and he will be inviting SI4DEV Nassarawa Kano location.
Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) says whenever Rahama needs our help she should let us know as SI4DEV. Then he went further to say that the secretary should post on the group chat that everyone should give us his/her birthday only. Day and Month so that we can be celebrating everyone.
Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) say’s he want us to be involve in next years election and he will by the coming week to get update on how we can pay INEC a visit to know what is needed of us.
Mr Musa say’s since we need to be involve in next year’s election, that political parties are having their primary elections this month, that we should try and make the visit in time.
With the meeting agenda exhausted and no further deliberation, Mr Musa moves for the adjournment of the meeting to 1st September, 2018 and was seconded by Miss Rahama and closing prayer was made by Mr Abimbola at exactly 3:03pm with seven (7) members present.
A group picture was taken.

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