Gender-based violence stems from gender inequality, stereotypes and socially imposed roles. Sexual violence, including sexual harassment towards girls may be motivated by the desire to punish or humiliate girls because of their sex or sexuality, or by sexual interest and bravado. It also serves to intimidate, humiliate and diminish girls. This is demonstrated by the widespread practice of blaming girls who are victims of rape, and that’s where gender discrimination is an unquestioned norm. Sexual harassment of school girls is common throughout the nation, to varying degrees by teachers themselves as well as by students, and that it may be particularly common and extreme in places where other forms of school violence are also prevalent. Teachers often see the sexual harassment among students in most often girls as a normal part of school life, and therefore ignore it. Under these circumstances it is difficult for students to report it. In Nigeria teachers justify sexual exploitation of female students by saying that their clothes and behavior were provocative, and that the teachers were far from home and in sexual need. Something urgent has to be done; as children who are sexually assaulted or exploited by teachers are too ashamed to tell anyone what had happened, knowing that their stories would not be believed or that, if believed, they would be blamed for attracting the sexual attention of other males. A campaign against this heinous act is now and today.

18 thoughts on “Sexual and gender-based violence”

  1. Teachers role are just 40%, the parent are to watch after their female children and try as much as possible to understand their moods.

    parents must visit the school regularly and also know the movements of their female child and take time to talk boldness into them , so that when they have issues they will be bold enough to tell their parents

  2. But a teacher that assault a student sexually, can such be referred to as a teacher? Where is the moral justification to still call such a teacher? A teacher supposes to be a role model with high moral values.

    1. When one deviates from his primary objective of impact to abuse such a teacher should be placed on rehabilitation.

      That teacher would cause more harm than good. So the best way is to separate him from those innocent students before what he does spreads like cancer.

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