In recent times, people have focused on the negative impacts of social media platform which has undermine the benefits. I will like to share my experience as a partner of SI4DEV. One of the criteria for being selected as an SI4DEV is one’s ability to be actively online. This was absurd to me at the first instance considering the kind of work I do.

However, being an adventurous kind of person and I taught it was a nice experiment. For the sake of this piece, let me concentrate on the WhatsApp platform platform. I joined the WhatsApp platform on 10th February, 2018 with a desire to know how people can connect and maintain an intellectual environment without a face to face contact.

The Governance group was the most interactive, each day provided a learning opportunity. In less than six weeks of joining the group, I have accomplished some milestones in my life. Specifically, a session was taken on vision board by the Program Manager, Nkem. The simplicity of the presentation made it easy for me to visualize my vision and create physical picture of it. Then, the session on Procrastination by Joy fueled by drive to run with the vision. These sessions led to my decision to restart an abandoned project.

Furthermore, I have been able to complete two online Yali certificates within period. I have gained knowledge on leadership and governance by the continuous interaction with like-minds on the platform. I was able to led advocacy to the Independent National Electoral Commission in my State. My passion for demanding for fair election has been motivated. Also, my social network has expanded as I have made new friends and built partnership.

Above all, the concept of volunteerism has been promoted as there is value for time spent on the online platform. Indeed, it has been a rewarding experience for me as an Ambassador of SI4DEV.

Grace Jimbo

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  1. My Firstlady, you really speak my mind. I am also struggling with procrastination and the session on procrastination has help me to stay focused on some projects on hand and to make daily and consistent efforts on them to count for incremental progress. SI4DEV is making me to be “reponsible”.

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