Meeting agenda

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Introduction
  3. SI4DEV, or vision and mission/ questions about SI4DEV
  4. Activities that could be carried out as a team
  5. Planning for the activities for the month of June
  6. Agreement on monthly meetings
  7. Any other Business
  8. Closing prayer

The meeting was held on Friday, the 25th of May 2018, at Mawo Internationl School, Dusten Kuran Gwari, Minna, Niger state.

The opening prayer was led by Mr. Simon at 4:30pm. It was then followed by a berief introduction of those present.

  • Ifeoluwa Victoria Ayo
  • Adakayi A John
  • Salawu Simon
  • Grace Odiniya
  • Bashiru Ibrahim
  • Bashiru Bosso

A document containing what SI4DEV stands for, what we do, our vision and mission was given to every participant, allowed to read and ask questions for better enlightenment. This was done by the team lead, Ifeoluwa. She brought up some events and activities that could be done as a team, they were deliberated upon and the some were agreed by the team. They include: Drug abuse campaign,Menstrual hygiene/ sex education for females, Community assessment, Private schools assessment for quality improvement pilots, Visit to INEC for IT capacity assessment, A sanitation and hygiene event for schools,Mental health awareness.

Of these events and activities, the group agreed on carrying out two for the month of June.  Community assessment for Shartar community in Minna. One hundred copies of survey forms was agreed to be printed. Bashir Bosso is to get the contact of the community head, speak to him about our coming and fix a date for the awareness.

Drug abuse campaign was also agreed to be done in the month of June. The team plans on organizing an event that would involve students, all community members, we plan having it on a Saturday. We plan partnering with NYSC CDS groups that focus on drug abuse awareness, NDLEA and NGOs that focus on the awareness of the dangers of drug abuse in Niger state. Ifeoluwa is to go to NDLEA office on Monday and also find out NGO that support such within the state. Simon is to get across to the CDS group and help us get their support. The result of our findings would determine the date of the event.

We agreed to have a face to face meeting once a month, every second Friday of the month. The meeting was closed by Bashir Bosso.

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