Date: April 15, 2018
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: Conference Hall, Youth Alive Foundation

Familiarization amongst selves
Planning for the GYSD( Global Youth Service day)
Electing location executives
Updating development on the previous survey project
We started by discussing about the questionnaire survey project
How many forms have been filled offline? (76)
How many forms have been filled online? (32)
difficulties faced in filling the forms( this was majorly pointed back to the un-simplified nature of the questionnaire )
date to have all document uploaded online( targeted at month end)
After which we started the planning for the global youth service day(GYSD) ,wherein we started by reviewing the questionnaire and identified the most common problem stated which were drug abuse ,prostitution and activities of herdmen. We moved forward to contributing ideas toward the global youth service day(GYSD) which were ,
Voters registration awareness (Emmanuel Joshua)
Hand sanitation (Mercy James)
Cooking Indomie noodles for homeless children(Grace Jimbo)
After much deliberation we resolved to go with the idea of voters registration awareness and cooking Indomie noodles for homeless children

For the voters’ registration awareness:
Grace Jimbo and Emmanuel Joshua will visit the INEC office to get schedule for registration in Uyo, so as to enlighten students about the registration before the end of Monday, April 16.
Emmanuel Joshua will negotiate with some of the student bodies to have a fitted date for an awareness talk within the dates slated for the global youth service day
The total budget was 22,00 naira was budgeted for the street feeding of the children.
After the budget was drawn, we moved to electing executives for the SI4DEV UYO, of which the result are as followed
Coordinator Grace Jimbo
Deputy coordinator Felicia Robert
Secretary Emmanuel joshua
Assistant Secretary Ejogha Brown
When the election was concluded ,the meeting closed with Young Philip taking the opening prayer.
The meeting was slated for 5pm but started by 5:30pm and ended by 7:21pm. There was seven people present at the meeting including a new volunteer in the person of Young Philip
Mercy James

Young Philip

Emmanuel Joshua

Felicia Robert

Utibe Emah
Grace Jimbo

Keogh’s Brown

Complied by
Emmanuel Joshua