Hi Everyone. Last week I posted an article on “Doing” so I thought it’ll be nice if I put up this article on time management because sometimes we really want to do a lot of things but we feel like we have very little time on our hands. So I’ll be sharing with you some tips that has helped me balance my academic, social, religious and health life in general even though it can be really stressful and overwhelming but these tips have helped cut down my stress level.
1. Plan.
I cannot stress this enough. Planning is soooo very important in our lives as humans. There’s this saying that states “He who fails to plan, plans to fail. So try investing in a good physical planner or use your mobile device. For myself, I’m currently using ” Goggle Calendar ” and that has helped me tremendously. There are so many apps you can download and use on your device. There isn’t a typical one way rule to use planners. The important thing is to make sure the planner you have suits your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly needs and has a good mobility so you’re always on track.

2. Prioritize.
Even with a good planner, you may still be the worst time manager on the planet. So in order to make the most out of your planner learn to prioritize became this is a major key to being productive and successful. Get a list of the most important things in your life at the moment in order of importance and allocate more time to achieving those things.

3. Use Your Free Time Wisely.
Even when I have super packed schedules, I sometimes find myself with little bits of free time and getting to do something productive at that moment could be difficult to remember so I like to carry along with me a written list of things I can do with little time daily. I call them free time cards. You can write them in your planner or small notebook but the important thing is making sure that its always with you.

4. Track Your Time.
If you’ve tried all 3 tips I mentioned above and still lack in your time management skills, then tracking your time is just the right thing you need to do. That way, you get to see the irrelevant things you spend the most time on and the important things you spend the least time on and try to rearrange your time usage and cut down on things you shouldn’t be spending so much time on. I got this idea from dieting. When you want to lose weight and eat healthier, you have to track your meals so that you cam cut down your junk intake. That way, you get to eat healthier.

5. Perseverance And Self Control.
Even with all these tips, it’s all up to you to make use of them and manage your time wisely. So stop being lazy and don’t let your devices rule over you. Be the controller of your life and just “Do It”. Don’t think about anything else that an hinder you or waste your time and just start. Always remember, The Power Is In The Doing and With Everything In Life, It Gets Easier The More You Do.