To charitable and non-governmental organizations designing and aiming at implementing projects which of course most times requires a lot of money for carrying out these projects, sponsorship and partnership often times appears in their list as a means of carrying out their project.

As a Project manager just like other Project managers, I have had so many times where I have to draft letters, meet different stakeholders, put a call through to different individual and organization etc in the name of getting sponsors or partners for a project. So, it suffices for me to say a few things on how partnership and sponsorship works. Bellow are few recommendations:

1. Nothing Comes Free: Partnership or Sponsorship is a two way thing at least often times not one sided. It is a symbiotic and not usually commensallic and never parasitic kind of relationship if you understand.  You as an individual or organization need to have something you want to offer in return for a partnership deal. Therefore, before you walk up to your potential partner or sponsor, you must have critically thought about that which you will give in return either to the individual or the organization as a whole. For example, I had a recent experience where I needed a partnership to run a program under SI4DEV initiative being the current location partner of the organization in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. From the point when the plan for this program was initiated, I just had a new team therefore making it seem not too good to tax them, so getting a partner appears to be one of the best option as I needed money far beyond my capacity. In reaching out to the partner that supported me, the leader of that organization is in need of publicity which I find it convenient to do. I offered him this service which established our relationship before presenting my plans which he eventually accepted to fund it. The point is, it suffices to say that the negotiation got me the partnership. Think about it.

2. Integrity matters: One of the core values that should be expressed in business or partnership deal is integrity. This is important with respect to subsequent transaction that may come up with your partner or sponsor. This can be demonstrated by offering to you partner or sponsor only what you can do. Promising or offering what you can’t do for your partner or sponsor is tantamout to breaching of trust which you will agree with me is not appropriate.

3. Know about CSR: Simply put Coperate Social Responsibility (CSR)  as sets of social responsibilities organizations are saddled to discharge in giving back to the society where they gain from.  This however varies with different organizations with respect to their focus. However, the important factor is that only organization with similar focus can be willing to support your project as a means of carrying out their social responsibilities for them and this can be guaranteed with you doing your assignments in discovering them. Thus, partnership is sealed.

4. Use Success Story Effectively: Just like in business, a financial organization will only leave out loans after checking your business plan especially revenue model, break even volume, risk management strategy and of course profit milestone. Same is for partnership or sponsorship. Any organization will be skeptical about releasing funds especially for new startup or NGO with no record of past achievements. Therefore, document your past actions very well, make use of your social media handles, get reports and it will be more good if you have a website. All works for good.


Till I come your way again…… BE INSPIRED.

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