May 3 every year is known to be “World Press Freedom Day”. This is a day declared by the United Nations Assembly in oder to raise awareness among individuals about the importance of freedom of speech and to also remind the Government of their tasks to the nation which includes respecting and upholding the freedom of speech and expression of citizens.
This year we as citizens of Nigeria should remind the present Government of their duties to our country Nigeria. It’s high time we come out and join our hands together irrespective of tribe and religion and speak to the government using every single medium available.
Everyone including male, female, young and old has a right to freedom of speech as declared by the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Therefore why should we as Nigerians sit and watch our Government cheat us and make us quiet when we do have a right to talk. We cannot and should not be kept silent by our Government. It is high time we stand up for our rights and one way we can talk to the Government is by getting your Voters Card and going out to vote when the time comes in 2019. Do not let anyone deprive you of your right.

23 thoughts on “WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY.”

  1. Hmmmm! With hate speech jingles all over the place, one is thinking what the government is up to. If you are a federal civil servant, especially one working in the media sector, you would know the gravity of what I mean. Sometimes, it can be really embarrassing when you are being monitored to your social media, and any speech that sounds anti-government might be used against you on the job.

    1. I totally understand you Ma. Nigeria is one country where our rights do not belong to us. But there’s a way to talk without having to dish out hate speeches or getting in trouble. That way is by fully participating in the political affairs like elections and acquisition of voters card. Our votes matter because it speaks by choosing the right person. We shouldn’t be made to keep our mouths shut by receiving tiny bribes. No.

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