We leave in a world were blaming the government is now an alibi to so many person’s not being successful.

 The government cannot be favorable to everybody at every point in time, but it will always carry out his job as government in serving her citizens. So many unsuccessful men and women blame the government for there status in the society, we leave in a world were some  people are expecting the government to create opportunities for individual to just walk in and occupy. But they forget to ask them selves what they have achieved as individuals that merits these opportunities ,nothing happens by mistake. Some persons want to work in an engineering firm but have no engineering experience, some are asking for grants and loan to start up business, yet if you interview them 75% they have no idea of any business that suits them, some persons want to occupy offices that they have no idea on how to execute the daily activities that is carried out in the office. Somany persons are so bent on criticism, yet if given the platform can’t perform the supposed task. Before you can standout to blame anybody any office, any government official, make sure you have also played your own part of preparing your self as an individual. Remember opportunities come to those who have what it takes to grab it,  if you observe properly , you will find out that so many persons deserves accolades after all. Be ready to execute and serve with what you have ,rather than following the crowd.

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