As the SI4DEV Partners go into the mentoring module for the second half of the program, here is a round up of highlight of events over the first three months.

1. Two SI4DEV scholarship beneficiaries graduated from a Nonprofit Accelerator program after 6 weeks of courses and practicum.
2. Ten Partners received SI4DEV recommendations for applications to further personal or career development (scholarships and international conferences). Several Partners attended – either personally or on behalf of SI4DEV – state-level, national and international training and advocacy events that work towards a more transparent government and more accountability.
3. SI4DEV successfully held a World Health Day 2018 social media campaign, amplifying 30 partner voices using hashtags #healthforall #UniversalHealthCoverage @FMOHNigeria
4. For Malaria day 2018, a Gombe partner donated 30 insecticide treated mosquito nets and de-wormed 98 adults and children. Partners in Akwa Ibom also distributed 50 bednets to pregnant women and new mothers at the community hospital.
5. SI4DEV reached over 2000 beneficiaries for Global Youth Service Day with hand washing skills and personal development activities, food and other donations. We also campaigned online and offline, promoting youth voter registration for elections. The social investment projects by team Kano is already yielding fruit as the Almajiri school in Kano has now been approved as a conventional government school.
6. The Partner monthly magazine – launched in April 2018 and now in the second edition – showcases grassroots projects, community-specific action plans, and presentations at various occasions by partners as well as articles to make their voices heard at all levels.
7. Partners completed 8 Ambassadors Small Grants proposals which were submitted to the United States Embassy to support small community projects for key populations. One of the proposals was pre-selected for further information and progress to the second round. Other proposals and partnership requests were also submitted to various organizations, including TY Danjuma Foundation, Malaria Consortium, TANA Netting, etc. Our proposal for the Global Youth Empowerment Fund (GYEF) made it into the second round and through this, we have signed initial MOUs with other organizations towards completing the project.
8. There are 10 ongoing or completed physical surveys, stakeholder engagement and community needs assessment using paper-based and online tools to collate responses on current gaps and proposed solutions.
9. 20 Benue students with the help of our partners advocated for peace using art in the Bezos Foundation supported Facing Difference Challenge by Students Rebuild.
10. We have activated 118 Partners and 76 volunteers in 32 locations. All location teams have had at least one face to face meeting with an average of 7 members in attendance, some teams have held regularly scheduled monthly meetings, and 20 locations have been mobilized with T-shirts for better identification.
11. In May, we kicked off our drug abuse campaign with 5 poster designs. Kano, Fagge location team and the Umuahia team carried out the campaigns in their respective locations, to post secondary young adults and to secondary school students respectively. The Kano event reached about 30 participants while the Umuahia event impacted about 50 students.
12. The Owerri, Ibadan, Kaduna, Kano Nassarawa, Warri and Gombe location groups held Children’s Day events (May 25 – 28, 2018) to which elements of our #SayNoToDrugs campaign were included where possible. In total, over 500 children ages 5 – 18 were impacted by the combined outreach.

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