Nirmala Chellarams Scholarship Winners Graduate – Two beneficiaries of the scholarship for the Nirmala Chellerams Non Profit Accelerator program graduated after 6 weekends of courses and team building activities. Kefe Attoh and Nwamaka Osu between them, shared several posts of what they learnt as well as pictures from their graduation ceremony.
Letters of Reference – 5 Partners submitted SI4DEV branded recommendations towards applications for further personal or career development including scholarships and international conferences. Partners play a key role in our organization and are expected to join and actively engage with SI4DEV on social media and our website; and contribute their skills in community mobilization, graphics, and research and program implementation. I encourage you all to remain active in community development, submit monthly task reports, deliver needs assessment surveys, and work in collaboration with other Partners and volunteers to achieve yours and the initiative’s vision.
Social media campaign for World Health Day – April 7 was World Health Day across the globe, and as an NGO with a focus area in health, SI4DEV is participating in this year’s event through a social media campaign. We will be amplifying our voices on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Whatsapp. The following are our hashtags – #WorldHealthDay #healthforall #UniversalHealthCoverage @si4dev @WHO @FMOHNigeria
Events for World Malaria day – To celebrate malaria day April 25, 2018, a Gombe partner shared 30 mosquito nets,10 to pregnant women and de-wormed 98 people including adults and children. In a combination with GYSD, Partners in Ika, Akwa Ibom also distributed 50 insecticide treated mosquito nets to pregnant women and new mothers at the community hospital.
Approved funding subsidy for T-shirts – Teams with face to face meetings were subsidized with 10,000 each to procure T-shirts ahead of the GYDS activities, and for better identification during other projects. So far, the following groups have been mobilized – Ado-Ekiti, Kaduna, Kano, Uyo, Yenagoa, Ilorin, Ikot Ekpene, Makurdi, Abuja, Lagos, Magodo, Lagos Surulere, Ika Akwa Ibom, Ondo Akure, Port Harcourt, Nnewi, Warri, and Gombe.
GYSD Activities – SI4DEV celebrated GYSD in Nigeria with various youth-led activities in 12 States and the FCT. Over 2000 children, teens and young adults between 5 and 25 years old benefited from hand washing skills and other life-transforming talks from their peers, and youth leaders provided food and other donations to less privileged children in orphanages and rehabilitation centers. Young adults also campaigned online, in the streets, and in churches, promoting youth voter registration and elections participation.
The Partner Magazine – Partners are a vital part of achieving the SI4DEV goals and we commit to equipping you with the skills to lead grassroots projects, create community-specific action plans, present at various meetings and conferences, and to make your voices heard at all levels. Towards this end, we have launched a monthly magazine that will reflect activities by partners as well as thoughts and articles. Please see attached.
Ambassadors Small Grants proposals – Out of 14 draft grant proposals, we were able to complete 8 proposals which were submitted to the United States Embassy in Abuja on April 30, 2018. The proposals included small community projects or for key and vulnerable populations. These groups sent in proposals – Uyo, Ado-ekiti, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Cross River, Kano, Kaduna, Umuahia, Ipe-Akoko and Ondo Akure.
Resource Pages on the SI4DEV website – We have now established several new pages including training and resources page on our website where PDF compilations of training on the groups will be uploaded regularly. You can download free books and other materials on that page too. There is also a polls and surveys as well as policy briefs page.
Training and Resources Page – http://www.si4dev.org/training-resources/
Ongoing community needs assessment using paper based and online tools to collate individual and group responses or opinion on current gaps and proposed solutions.
Physical assessment of the Luga Community in Abuja. From our partner, “After work today, i went to a community behind wuye, they are really suffering. No water, no school, no health care centres. They live in in poor houses. Met with the chief and some youths, interviewed some people, they really need help.”
Physical community needs assessment @Iworoko Ekiti by SI4DEV Partner in Ado-Ekiti before preparing grant proposal. This mostly agrarian community needs clean and safe water.  The community also needs a strong orientation on how to maintain their environment especially how they handle their daily business of “cassava processing to garri” and they need to know that Lassa fever is real.
Physical Needs Assessment in Bichi Kano – Partners assess the needs of community clinics and schools ahead of proposal development.
Physical Needs Assessment in Tambe Yelo, Akko L.G.A in Gombe State
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