Benue State has been under attack mostly in the rural areas championed by Herdsmen, this has led to many people being displaced and it is on this premise that SI4DEV Makurdi location group joined the Facing Difference Challenge which is a students rebuild project by the Bezos Foundation aimed at engaging young people for peace while raising money for NGOs working in areas that have conflict, Nigeria Included. This activity took place on 3rd May, 2018.

1. Boys and Girls from different faiths will be trained in leadership and conflict resolution in Nigeria
2. Youth will use performing arts to promote diversity and understanding in Sri Lanka
3. Clubs will be created to bring boys and girls of different ethnic backgrounds together in the south caucasus region of Eastern Europe

Overview of the Activity: the activity took place during the students long break period (10am), we had just about 30 minutes. The students were assembled in the school hall, students from different classes both senior and junior secondary. The facilitator addressed the students concerning the importance of drawing portraits for peace and its benefits after which the students were more than willing to contribute their quota to bring peace in their country/state.

Number of Portraits: we had 26 students and each drew a portrait for peace. The total number of portraits collected and submitted were 26

Children’s Comments/Response to peace talk: we had limited time and due to short prior notice we could not discuss exhaustively on the issue of peace nevertheless all the students agreed that peace was important in the sate/country and that is what motivated them to participate in the activity.

Recommendation: this was a wonderful activity for the students and I feel they would have appreciated the impact of what they did more if each participant was given a certificate of participation to encourage them. If it is possible, more funds should be provided for subsequent activities in this endeavor.

In conclusion, SI4DEV Partners in Makurdi, Benue State engaged students from Trinity Model Academy who produced a total of 26 self-portraits which in turn will be multiplied by $3 which is the sum total of what has been contributed to help support peacebuilding programs all over the world.

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