Nigerian Leadership and Economic Outlook Survey – Initial Results

To hear about public opinions on some important national issues, SI4DEV set up a survey at the beginning of April that can be completed through this Google Form. The responses will be analyzed and used for project planning for Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV) Partners. A few days ago, we collated some preliminary results.

19 thoughts on “Initial Results from National Leadership and Economic Outlook Survey”

  1. Our Government would not like this kind of results because it is telling it as it is. Rather they would prefer to get doctored report that would massage their political egos for cheap political gains.

  2. Good job, if people were really honest with the survey then it is very encouraging, it is not enough to speak against the current government, we must take responsibility and be the advocates for the change that we seek, first is to get your pvc which a good number have done, second is to come out and vote. At least then, you can proudly beat your chest and say you did your part.!

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