Being kind to others, and watching one another’s back seem to be a forgotten culture, eroding so fast that its leaving no trace where its flooding.

I grew up into manhood in a system where a child bears a particular family but the same child is accepted and raised by the community, in Yoruba language it is said like this, “Oju kan lo bi mo, igba eyan lowo”.

It was kindness from the matured neighbours to care and train the next generation. I was luck to have belong to the set children who arrived thís world, in Nigeria, in the late 70s.

@Si4dev this is true that what society gave, you give back in a better fold. Had dreamt about this opportunity, now I see everything clearly, every drop of kind act that has been done in the society now comes and will continue like ripples in the river which has no need: it starts from one end of the river and continues to the other end engulfing every soul that comes within its radiance.

Kindness I believe is contagious Si4DEV keep waxing strong for those partners go smiling and excited for the act of kindness. Let more flow, that the ripples may continue. Kudos Si4dev!

10 thoughts on “Anticipate Ripples When Giving Back”

  1. I love your inspirational form of writing. The world needs more of your type. Keep it up brother.
    It is true that kindness is now lacking in our society and everyone now tends to mind their own business, but that doesn’t make the world a better place.

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