Now NCC’s remedy for unwholesome UTMs can save you a great deal. By dialing STOP to 2442, you set yourself free from bulk SMS impostors who flood your phone with tons of unwanted messages on a daily basis.

Think about how these unwanted messages would fill up your message box, compelling you to do series of deletes, otherwise they get your important messages lost in the crowd. You didn’t ask for them and you don’t want them, so why are they being sent to you without your consent? Now that would be a rhetoric question.

The simple truth is that these disturbers see you as one of their potential customers that they should market to. They don’t care about you or what you want. In fact you are their prey. LoL!

As bad as that sounds, so is life! Life would push to you so many things you don’t want, and like prior to NCC’s remedy, the onus lies on you to keep deleting the things you don’t want. As you carefully select UTMs to delete, leaving behind your important text messages, so is it necessary to identify those things that you don’t want to stay in your life which were pushed to you by circumstances.

As you go through life, there would be winds blowing at you, there will be unwholesome things happening to you. But in the midst of them, remain calm, remain focused and find your own path.

You see, unsolicited text messages sometimes sound luring, sometimes annoying, and so will life bring some distracting options or depressive circumstances. It is left for you to be mature enough to take bold steps in deciding how you want your life to be.

Life has never been easy, but with the right attitude, we can sieve the sands from the grains. We can weed out thorns that dare to mar the beauty of our garden. Yes, life can be the way we want it if we can painstakingly delete the unwanted like unsolicited text messages.

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