Content is everything when building a personal brand on social media. Having a good social brand is just as good as having a well-structured and reviewed resume. The world has gone fully digitized and you never know who is watching you; it might just be a potential employer or recruiter. It is a common saying that “a good name is better than riches and gold”. Have you considered what information pops up first when you name is typed in a search engine? Will you be comfortable to show a potential employer the last five status update you made on your Facebook, twitter or other social media accounts? It is important to realize that your social media account bears a representation and identity of who you are. So, it is only wise to build your digital profile as how you would love to be identified.

In building a reputable social brand, it does not end with just having a good digital image and appearance. Consistency is key to everything- your contents and delivery. You must have a focus area as every demography/industry has its own language. So, consider what keyword would make you pop up in a search. Carve a niche around it so they when a search word is made around HR, content writing or web design, your name pops up. Yes, it is good to know a lot but it still is more meaningful when you are a master at your own field. This greatly helps to place you in one place and not just everywhere. Decide today to build a social brand that speaks for you; one that draws opportunities to you.


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