1. Use your real name as it would reflect on your certificate- It is advised to use a name that relates to your real name or one that reflects on your certificates. If your name is Emmanuel Ola Osaro” and you decide on facebook or LinkedIn a name like¬†“Emmy Money Gold”, you will not pop up when a potential employer is searching for you.
  2. Use a visible name- When choosing a name, pick one that will always bring you up the search engine. So, if you have a name like “Charles Francis”, a hundred other of such names may just pop up when yours is searched for. So, to increase your visibility on social media, it won’t be out of place to add a middle name or an extra name. For example, Charles Francis goes into becoming “Charles Francis Awotunde” or “Charles Elda Francis”. This narrows the search pop up and increases the chances of you getting easily seen.
  3. Clarity on your identity and skill- Have s defined identity. Let your skill speak for you. Try as much as possible not to be about everything. So, if you are good at web designing, cinematography and music, pick one and focus on that the most. Put out the one you practice and excel most. Employers want to see people multitask and good at many things but they need people who excel effectively and efficiently in a particular area.
  4. Never sell on social media- This might come as a shocker to you. This point is addressed mainly to LinkedIn users. Never go on and on about selling land, insurance or art. Instead, create a content around it. Choose to be different and use the power of storytelling. So, if you are all about selling health materials or gym instruments, rather than advertise your products, daily and consistently share health tips on how to improve your health or suggest the best ways to gym and keep fit. This way, you carve a niche about yourself and let people know what you are about. And when there are in need of your expertise and direction, you can then offer to sell the product that you have.
  5. Brand name- People readily go with titles that already available. So, next time you want to pick a name like writer, or relationship officer or insurance broker, why not use something different and unique. You can choose to use “Content developer”, “Financial planning analyst” or “Financial analyst”. Use terms that are in sync with high growth jobs so that you could easily pop up when a search is made in relation to such keyword. The next time you see suggested word “gym instructor”, you just can decide to go with “Skilled Fitness Trainer”. The options are endless; all that matters is your choice of words.

Just as a product or service will need good branding and advertisement, so do we all as individuals. Be diverse and unique. Make the best out of social media today.

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      1. You really do need LinkedIn. It’s an amazing platform. Some of the most amazing opportunities I have had this year have come from LinkedIn. All you need to do is learn, connect and build relationships and there is no limit to how much you can achieve.
        I look forwards to hearing good news that you make from LinkedIn.

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