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Recently I took a survey organized by an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), part of the survey required my input on their newly developed brand identity/symbol. Ordinarily because I couldn’t figure out the idea behind the concept of the new logo, I preferred to settle for the old logo but I was curious.

Latter during the survey, they had to explain that the rationale behind the new logo was to reflect the global mindset of the organization, and the actual meaning of the symbols used in international sign language was explained. At that point it dawned on me that developing a global mindset is must for emerging leaders who intend to make global impact.

5 Ways to Develop a Global Mindset

  1. Get to know your personality traits, especially curiosity.
  2. Learn about the workplace and business expectations of relevant countries and markets.
  3. Build strong intercultural relationships.
  4. Develop strategies to adjust and flex your style.
  5. Recognize your own cultural values and biases.

The globalization of business continues to challenge our ability to operate effectively across countries and cultures, which is why a global mindset is an essential professional trait. Professionals with a global mindset leverage all that they know about their culture and the cultures of other people to react to situations in the most productive ways, all without losing sight of who they are.

30 thoughts on “Developing a global mindset as an individual – part 1”

  1. A global mindset is expected of everyone in this age. Thinking globally, bench-marking and having sustainability perspective is required whenever we think of taking business decisions and actions.

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