Let me tell you a story about myself.
It was the beginning of a new session. I had passed my Junior WAEC exams and that was what would determine what field of study I would be accepted into. I chose Science and because I did really well I was accepted. I decided to go see my new class and my classmates and on getting there, I received the biggest shock. I realized that I was put into the same class (G Class) with the brightest students among my mates. Immediately I ran to my guardian’s office pleading massively to be transferred to another science class. The reason I wanted to be transferred to another science class was because I have this weird thing in me that makes me despise being at the bottom, you may say everyone hates being at the bottom but with me, it was different. I’ve always been one of the brightest students in my class from day one and that made me very scared of ever failing. It made me have a mindset that said “I’d rather settle for less and be at the top than go for something high and be at the bottom”. My guardian tried all he could but nothing changed. I had to remain in that class. Every single school day was a bad day for me, I was always depressed and scared.
But you know what, this only made always remember that I had to work harder to at least stay at the top even though I still didn’t think I had the chance. Exams came and passed. We came to the end of the term and as usual, report cards were distributed to every single student. I was very scared to open mine but you know what, I just have to open it. I opened it and guess what, I did exceptionally well. Perfect grades, amazing average score and Second best.
This story might look like a very normal story but it means a lot to me. God brings this story back to my memory whenever I’m in a bad phase and I think I’ll fail.
A lot of times we focus on our weakness so much that we are too blind to get even the slightest glimpse of our strength. We always think that our circumstances and situations and people around us make us but the the big truth is that WE MAKE OURSELVES. You become only what you choose to be.
Your story may not be as happy as mine with being successful at the first try. You might even be at the point of quitting because you feel like you’re a failure but believe me you’re only but a success. You’re a conqueror. I graduated from secondary school and to be honest I’ve been through a lot of failures to the extent I felt like quitting but you know know what, I won’t quit. And I hope that you who is reading this also doesn’t ever quit. Because Winners never quit.
Always remember Quitting doesn’t end it all. WINNING DOES!!!

16 thoughts on “Do You Want to Be a Winner or a Quitter?”

  1. Oh my! I am giving you an endless ovation Nneka. Thanks so much for this write up. Your story has so inspired me. How come you rarely write? You are a good motivator.

    Keep it up Dear. May God continue to endue you with wisdom for the gift he has bestowed on you.

    1. Ahhhhhh. Thank you so very much ma. Your words mean so much to me. Believe me when I tell you that you’re one of my favorite writers. I rarely write because I’m busy with studies but I hope to write more.

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