Based on our needs assessment in the past months, we discovered that drug abuse and a poor  reading culture  is a major challenge among  the young people in Bayelsa state.
As a location group we embarked on a sensitization campaign on drug abuse as well as a talk on building an effective reading habit at Community Secondary School Igbogene. We printed 500 stickers  and five flex banners on drug abuse which costed 5000naira which was disbursed by our program manager Nkem Akinsoto.
Names of SI4DEV partners and volunteers who participated
1 Aiyekusehin Monisola
2 Henry Afor
3 Etesike timipa
4 Titilope Ijaoye
5 Njoku Edith
Actual number or estimate of children or youth impacted
A total number of 113 students were reached.
Outcomes – including partnership opportunities, next steps and action items.
We were not able to inaguration the clubs because the school authority vwanted us to reach a larger number,the social master Mr Akunama who was with us all through the event asked us to reschedule another time where we can reach the entire student population be numbering  about 1000.we distributed few of the stickers.
Lessons Learned – What could we have done better?
We discovered some laspses on our part, our follow up was poor,the school authority was not properly informed of what we were coming for as such mobilisation of the students were poor  which led to only few sudents being part of the campaign,though we agree to  reschedule another time that would be agreed upon by the school.

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