In ‘Yippee, We Are Writing!’ I thanked all those who write here. Again, if you have posted any write up, be it a report on your group’s activities or your personal efforts towards sustainable development, an enlightening piece on a particular international day or societal concern or an inspirational article, thank you for the good job. You have done well and please keep it up.

Now, for those who read, we would want to specially thank you for taking time to read our articles. If you have been reading and commenting, great job, please continue the good work! However, if you read but never comment, we understand that you don’t necessarily have to. It’s okay if you don’t, just keep reading. We hope that you have been loving our articles and that you have overlooked our mistakes- both typographical and logical but we also hope that we have made you learn one thing or another, and most especially, touched your life in a way.

When I go to my backend, I see that my articles get many views. I don’t see the names of people who read them, but I know that these anonymous people keep reading because the trend seems to continue. I mean I get about 50-100 views on each article I publish on SI4DEV website. That’s encouraging. I’m sure that that’s the same for every other partner’s posts.

You see, the reason why we post is not because we want to become famous or grow tokens. It’s because we are using our universal gift to share our thoughts and touch lives. I wrote something on universal gift, you might want to read it here.

It’s good to know that you are reading. Thanks once again! And to our Program Manager who takes the pains to go through the contents of blog posts before publishing, thank you so much! Sometimes you even change our titles to fit the message. Nice job, keep it up! And keep giving us the opportunity to express ourselves.

In all, I will want to end by saying readers are leaders and as we learn from the ants, everybody’s post is worth reading because we can discover the some truths about trivial things which we never took time to consider or even get a chance to correct the reader or make suggestions. So let’s never say for instance, “He isn’t John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar or Brian Tracy, so why should I read his write up?” Let’s earn to pick up pieces of helpful information from renowned and unknown authors. Unknown writers often introduce uncommon perspectives worthy of note. Therefore, let’s keep exploring.

Keep reading and keep leading. Thank you!


Now let all the SI4DEV bloggers together thank our readers and tell what we would like them to hear. Let us also appreciate the countless efforts of our Program Manager.

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