There are times when people persuade you to do things or take certain decisions as if they know you better than you do. There is nothing bad about listening to good counsel and being flexible, but what I am talking about here is quite different. I mean when people persuade you to take decisions that you know deep down in your soul will not favour you. At such times, you have to stand your grounds and say “No!’’

You see, only you know where the shoe pains you. Only you know! And of a truth I tell you that there are people pretending to know you better than you know yourself, and sometimes, these people are even far away, having no glimpse of the true you. When you become famous, this reality will become more obvious to you because you will see many versions of you in the papers: many stories that would make you wonder where they emanated from. You would read of how, why, when or where you did what you did or didn’t do, why you weren’t at a ceremony, who your enemy is, what your former girl friend is saying about you, the reason why you made your manger resign, etc. You would hear untrue stories about yourself and wonder if it is this same you.

I tell you that it is happening even now- when you have not yet become the victim of unethical journalists and bloggers or the focus of many eyes. There are still people pretending to know you better than you do, people who want hijack and live your life when they haven’t finished living theirs. They are all around you. Think of your manager who is expecting you to do more than you have the energy to do at the moment and doesn’t believe you when you say you are ill or need a leave for a pressing issue. Think of your brother who thinks you don’t want to help when you say you don’t have the money he requests for because you are broke yourself. Think of a friend who is unwilling to forgive you for a mistake you did or action you took out of ignorance. Think of your parent or spouse forcing you into taking a decision that will not be comfortable for you. Think of those gossips in your street who believe that you are having an extra-marital affair because a colleague of the opposite sex dropped you off the other day. Think of people claiming that they know you, what really happened to you or what is right for you. Think of the burdens you carry, pressures you bear and actions you tolerate because people are around you. But in truth, your life is not accountable to anyone. Live right and shun distractions.

In the tranquility of your inner self, think of who you are; know who you are! Do not be blown by winds of ambiance. Know thyself! You are the only mortal being who has being with your very self from the day you were born. Not even your mother has lived with you for all the seconds of your life. You were with your very self the day you where locked up in that room, when you struggled and sought for ways to get out, yes you! In that lonely moment the world was nowhere to be found, not even your loved ones. Yes, you were in a fix one day when you hoped that if God delivered you from that mess, you would never do such again. There may have been people around, yet you dared not speak a word. You were to keep it secret. You were drawn into seclusion after an incidence occurred where you just had to think about your life and your future, yes you! It happened that the way you felt in your body one day, you thought you were going to die. You were near death but you prayed to survive, yes you! And till date, there are things that happened to you that not one ear has heard, oh yes!

Who goes into the restroom with you? Who attends your interview for you? Who feels what happens in your spirit, body and soul? Then when it comes to key decisions in your life, who should take them? When you truly need some rest, should anyone dare deprive you? Should you be influenced or listen to those who claim they know you?

Know thyself! There are no rewards for knowing a superstar, no rewards for spying on your neighbor, no rewards for condemning your enemy! Know what happens every single day of your life, your strengths and weaknesses, your comfort zones and boundaries. Be your best friend, spend more time with yourself, learn your lessons. Tell your stories, share your experiences, write your autobiography. Utilize your strengths and potentials, suppress your weak points. Recall your past, take caution and act positively today, and plan beautifully for tomorrow. When it comes to your own happiness and well being, be the driver of your own life. Be an actor and not a reactor and take concrete decisions for your own good.

You have just one life to live, therefore in this world where there are forces of distraction. Know thyself and ensure that you had lived your one true self and not merely existed, on your very last day.

22 thoughts on “KNOW THYSELF!”

  1. Know thyself as Socrates rightly said. Self discovery is one of the greatest discovery ever in the existence of mankind. I said this because self discovery lead to practical development and gear ones mind to innovative ideas in transforming ones societies for a good and healthy living.

    1. Yes Ma!

      Knowing one’s self in this context means aside knowing one’s abilities, one must know one’s limits too and stick to them amidst the compulsion others. Also, ignoring people’s misconceptions when one knows one’s genuine intentions for one’s actions.

      Thank you for reading.

  2. This write up reminds me of a scenario that occurred back in the university. Where because of my closeness with someone and that became a yardstick for exploitation. But nevertheless, the values that had kept me is the ability to discern between right and wrong and good and bad then making the corresponding decision irrespective of whatever the outcome will be has always kept me in the save heaven.

    My dear thank you for making me remember my values.

  3. Insightful read… a lot of us tend to focus on the challenges, instead of looking inwards and channeling our inner strength. Ignoring what could go wrong and focusing on a thousand others that could go right, sometimes is the key to success.

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