Description and Purpose/needs:
In line with the SI4DEV Strategic goal quoted ‘We aspire to develop a nationally recognized framework that allows local leaders to successfully drive and improve entrepreneurship and educational development in their communities’ Youth Leadership development initiative organized free 5 weeks business ideas/plan brainstorming online training program for 100 participants through WhatsApp platform a crosses African countries namely: Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Cameroon, Burundi and Rwanda.

Brainstorming Business Idea is an online training programme for people who want to start a business but are not sure of the business idea to pursue. The program assists the potential entrepreneur describe a concrete business idea, identify potential sources of ideas, generate business ideas and select the most suitable idea to pursue. In order to produce a business plan, a potential entrepreneur needs to have a clear idea of the business they propose to start. This program is designed to help emerging entrepreneurs draw up a business plan.

Topics covered during the online training are:
1. Conducting a resource assessment and brainstorming idea
2. Carrying out a feasibility study and thinking about start up capital
3. Market research(customer surveys, competitor analysis and swot analysis)
4. Operational plan(create a mission statement, financial management, operational planning, developing your team and organograms, Risk management and health & safety
5. Marketing and sales plan(setting up your selling price, marketing and 4ps, sales plan and techniques
6. Financial Plan(cost, income, profit, startup budget, balance sheet, cash flow, break even analysis and ratios

Out of the 100 participants 50 of them were successfully completed the entire module of the training and received their certificate of achievement, 5 of the successful ones were from SI4DEV lka location group.

Nnamso Esu, a passionate entrepreneur, HND Electrical Electronics Engineering Technology, member Nigeria Association of Technology in Engineering, trained by African Management Initiative (AMI) in business management and consultancy, a fellow of The Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Programme ,a scheme by BOI , EDC and FGN. He is an SI4DEV Partner, a fellow of the YALI West Africa emerging leader program(business and entrepreneurship) and certified google digital marketing fundamental qualification.

Participant comments and recommendations:
1. Mr. Ayefu Isaiah (Nigeria)
It has been quite an honor to be a participant of the business idea/plan brainstorming online program organized by youth leadership development initiative.
The youth leadership development has impacted me so far positively to think outside the box.
I learnd how to manage risk, how to have a competitive advantage over my competitors in the market have been sinked into my blood stream. I can boldly say I can tackle my competitors and risks. Furthermore, it has opened my mind to various business ideas to venture into. Also, the basic rudiments of business that was exposed to me. Has helps me stationed my minds to face unforeseen contingences. 5 weeks was the timeframe used to inculcate this knowledge to me. And also the resource person clearly presented the paper in a simpler and concise way. In a nut shell, I can boldly affirm that the program has done justice in transmitting my me from an unlearned individual to a learned and hungry fellow. Thank you youth leadership development initiative for this knowledge.
2. Lauret Dushime (Rwanda)
I really appreciate your initiative to empower younger Africans through entrepreneurial skills training. Be blessed.
3. Adeseyan Adeboye(Sudan)
Awesome program, please keep it up.
4. Mukaza Bujumbura (Burundi)
Thank you youth leadership development initiative for given me this golden opportunity to gain more knowledge about generating business idea and plan, I am now have more confident in marketing and sales plan and financial plan section of business plan. This program has further helped me to foster and build great business and entrepreneurship skills through a whole lot of practical experience gained during the program. I want to give five stars to the facilitator for his wonderful presentation. I therefore recommend this program to any organizations for sponsorship.

Thank you note:
Youth leadership development initiative
Thank you for participating in our brainstorming business idea/plan online training program cohort 1. We strongly believed that you learned a lot from the program and also ready to use the knowledge acquired to improve your business and transform your community. Below is your attached certificate of achievement.
Once again, Congratulations!

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