After all the series of question he asked himself the answer started popping and the first word he heard was “It all rises and falls in the mind” and he remembered a book authored by a popular female preacher titled “The battle field of the mind” which made him more curious and focused to know the way forward out of this menace called Poverty.

Then the definition of purpose came which is defined by a wise man as Essence of living and he said to himself that Cars are conveyor of people (transport), electric bulbs are here for brightening our environment, Air Conditioners and fans are here to cool us up, telephones for communication. All these in-animate objects meeting their essence to humanity. He became so excited as all this gives him clue to what he is trying to know about himself.

He also went ahead to discover that humans in their capacities serve different purpose in different platforms/spheres using their gifting, talent, qualifications etc that is why many footballers, musicians, writers, poet, Academia have been able to chase away poverty because they are serving purpose and making impact. He also remembered business owners who are doing same which made him asked himself another deep question; “Where do I fit in?”.

This question of purpose he asked himself is very difficult as he really needs to know and makes sure he tolls in the right direction. That one thing that makes a whole lot of difference. He answered “Business” then what type of business? Is it buying and selling, Production or service rendering?

From childhood he has love for the art of business but this time the intangibles are his focal area which means he has to use his gifts in the form of hobbies to make money, meet people’s need, make impact and everybody smiles home.

Right away on that table, that fateful morning a new shift was caused in his paradigm. A new man was born and the that was the beginning of a new era in his life.

…..To be Continued..

Thanks for reading please I hope this story of Ugochukwu inspires you to become a better person and make the impact the world is looking for. You are the best in the world and no one can do that one thing you are born to do best than you.

Cheers and always be you.

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