Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Introduction
  3. welcome address
  4. Membership drive
  5. Global Youth Service day
  6. Opportunities

1. & 2. Mr. Austin Otuji led the opening prayer followed introduction of members present.

  • Mr. Austin Otuji was the first to introduce himself; he is the leader of the Port Harcourt Unit of SI4DEV, he is married, currently into business and a native of Cross Rivers State.
  • Mr. Francis Eghehan was next; He is the secretary, a quality analyst with vast experience in quality management systems, he is married and a native of Edo State.
  • Mr. Jonathan Onojedje who was invited by Mr. Francis was next; Jonathan is a certified and practicing laboratory analyst, he is single, and a native of Delta State.

3. Mr Austin gave the welcome address, he talked about SI4DEV Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative as an NGO registered in Nigeria and committed to empowering community leaders who are working towards a 21st century Nigeria where every citizen has a just and fair access to the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential. Stating that we need to get involved in helping to solve some of the challenges of our society. He emphasized that members can collaborate under the SI4DEV platform to achieve their respective goals.

4. On plans towards increasing our Port Harcourt membership base, we agreed each of us should make a commitment to tell others about SI4DEV and to invite them to our next meeting. Mr. Francis promised to invite 3 persons while Mr. Austin promised to invite 2 persons.

5. We deliberated on the global youth service day and agreed that due to the time constrain, we should learn from the report of other participants in other locations, though we are still considering on participating no matter the amount of effort required to mobilize resources.

6. Opportunities: Mr Austin introduce an available opportunity from the US Embassy to support community based projects through provision of grant. He also, introduce a solar lamp product which can be marketed to rural dwellers, and has the ability to alleviate their plight.


At the end, we resolved to meet subsequently but to continue to interact and explore ways of improving our influence when we chat on the platform.