The strategy and innovation for development Jos partners visited government secondary school Hwolshe today on the 8th of June, 2018. The Jos partners arrived at the school premises at exactly 7:25am to the commencement of the program by 7:30am.

The program was section into two parts. The first part which will be taking by two volunteers and the second part is for questions and answers.
Mr Philemon Manchang took the first part which is basically on the definition of some terminologies which include drug, abuse,addiction, drug abuse and drug addiction and also the explanation on the types of drug abuse. Mr Dabis the state coordinator took the aspect of discussing on the effect and consequence of drug abuse and causes of drug abuse among students and youths in the society.
The second part took placed which was on questions and answers. Two questions arose from the students and they were answered successful.
The program ended with and appreciation from the state coordinator to the principal and the school management for given us time and support. One of the staff in the school indicate interest in partnering with the NGO. He further said that the school has an existing club on drug abuse and it want to work with the organization in organising activities within the school.

The staff Mr Sunday Jinyil said most students in the school are drug addic and if those students and the young once coming up are not educated on drug abuse, then we don’t have a future.
The principal herself also expressed her joy over our visit and keeping to time and our promised of visit. Adding that they don’t have anything to offer us but may God bless us all.
Our program ended successfully and we are looking forward to reaching out to many schools in our dear Plateau State.
The following volunteers was present during the program.
– Dabis Sukgwe
– Philemon Manchang
– Gorip Rotshak
– Shagal Mariyom K
– Nendima Wambuda


  1. Well done Team Jos! That was a great job. I can see our soldiers!

    One thing I like about Plateau people is their names. Very strange names that sound like people of other African countries.

    I greet you all!

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