Value is a common word we use on a regular basis but not many of is know its deep meaning. So I decided that before I’ll discuss whatever I’m going to be saying here, I’ll have to define the word “Value” and that took me to my dictionary. My dictionary defines value to be: 1. The quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable. 2. The degree of importance given to something.
Side note> we’re not going to be discussing about material things here. We’re talking “SELF-VALUE”. So do me a favour. Clear out the previous definition you just read from your head and go back up to the definition again but this time around, make sure to replace every ” Something” with “Myself” and then come back to this line. Are you done? Okay. Well now ask yourself this: “How Valuable Am I?” And just before you dish out any answer, ponder about it very carefully. The answer to it may not be the nicest and it may not be easy to tell yourself the truth but its worth everything.
Let me tell you about a friend I had at school. This friend was highly respected. And when I say respected, I mean by almost everyone at school. Name it, boys, girls, lecturers, almost everyone. But you know what, she’s from a very very poor family. I used to think she was respected by people because she was older than we all are but I found out that she was just a year older than I am. I was wowed. So I decided to know what it is that makes her so special and with my CIA skills, I began to notice her character, moves, dressing etc. All of her qualities was excellent but there was one thing that caught my attention. Which is that * She knows her abilities but also never forgets her limits which she’s never ashamed to talk about. She may wear the lowest class of shoes and dresses but her character was so classic. The way she talk and walks is very charming. She carries her self like a queen even though she would have to trek from her house to class which is a very long distance. She would rather look ugly than be found begging to borrow clothes from other girls. And this is all because she knows her True-Values and she knows that they’re not in the clothes she wears neither are they in her pocket. She knows its inside of her. Till today, I still admire her for this and I wish everyone in the world knows this and sticks to it and our world will be a better place because there would be less stealing, cheating, robbery, corruption etc if we all know that true value isn’t about wealth.
A lot of us focus so much on the idea that tells us that we have to be rich before we’ll get to be valued in our communities that we work so little on our inner self and attitude which is where our true value lies.
Have you ever thought that even though you make the highest amounts of money, but you’ve never influenced a single person’s life but rather destroy it, or never motivate people but only talk them down and never even share stuffs with people around you but only take from them, no one will ever respect you. People may claim to respect you when you’re around them, but about when you’re not around? True value isn’t always about when you’re present. Its more defined when you’re absent. And that’s what we call Legacy.
I hope this inspires you to choose that your value wouldn’t be one that’s just very feeble but one that’s strong and cannot be broken no matter how people try.

24 thoughts on “Knowing Your Value”

  1. The value one gives him or herself determine how much worth others will give in return. Life is mysterious that most times things we take for granted are what the things that really counts.

    The issue with our present day society is that most people live their lives trying to impress others which is the no one factor that causes low self esteem. Before we know what’s happening the ripple effect of self esteem translates to others factors that turn out to be negative vices.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nneka you are right. It is our values that command real respect, and a key player is the manner in which we conduct ourselves. I learnt from your course mate and I agree with you that “True value isn’t always about when you’re present. Its more defined when you’re absent. And that’s what we call Legacy.”

    Thank you for this enlightening piece!

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