Most times I take appraisal of my life to know what I have done right and what I haven’t. The life I have affected positively and how well I did it. All these factors all points to what I have been doing with this one time opportunity I call “Life-Line”.

This singular act makes me ask deep questions that will baffle many of you reading these lines, as simple as the question may sound I bet you it is not only if you can look deep within.

What is life?

Just someone few hours ago I was reading the write up of a partner who wrote about a Pharmacist turned poet after she had a near death experience and that singular experience turned her whole perspective about life. Her name Is Iyoka.

For me as an individual my definition of life will not come from a biological point of view because in as much as human are component of different elements the we live goes beyond the air we breath in and out.

LIFE is Purpose. Life is SERVICE. Life is Love for others. Life is Impact. Life is all that makes others become better. And the definition could go on and on.

My life has always been dedicated to services ranging from my days of primary education from the cradle to the secondary education in the military school and to my tertiary education.

Impact is something that must be made if we must fulfill purpose here on earth, and fulfilling purpose entails meeting the need of others. Several platforms have provided me with opportunity to serve in various capacity and I must say that I feel very emotional writing this now to you my reader. I have literally seen miracles happen in the life of people through me where children who had no money to pay their fee smile because someone said to them “Yes”.

Platforms under the umbrella of Golden Heart Foundation, Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiatives, Generations for Peace, City of Greatness Youth Centre International and Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) have helped me develop my leadership skill in various aspects. On this note I will like to bring to our notice that I have been accepted as a delegate to participate in the INTERNATIONAL YOUNG LEADERS ASSEMBLY IN THE UNITED STATES which come up in August between 6th and 15th.

The monetary value required of me to make this dream a reality for me to participate is $4000 which covers all that I need while in the summit.

Looking at the knowledge that will be gained and the impact that will be made afterwards I decided to bring it to the knowledge of the great members of this great community for crowd funding process.

Thank you for taking out time to read this.

Please reach out to me if you’ll like to support me.

11 thoughts on “What is your Definition of Life?”

  1. For me, life is not just our existence on earth, life is what we do with the privilege we have been to exist on earth. I composed a song yesterday. It was about this.

    Thank you Roberts for this reminder.

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