Yesterday at the Governance Group, a Partner shared “30 Things you should do for Yourself’ it was really enlightening. After the session, the PDF was shared, where I found the source website. I quickly ran there to see what the site was all about. Then, there are found so many other motivational articles. As hungry as I was for more knowledge, I quickly read through two more articles. As ventured into the third, something struck me. “There are enough resources to make every man great!”

I therefore returned to the group to share this wonderful thought in my mind and I will be sharing the same with you, exactly as I posted:

“I see the efforts many people in this world make to motivate and inspire others, and I am saying that everybody can become great with the numerous resources the world has produced from the beginning of time to present.

I think the problem is not that there are no solutions to human setbacks, the problem is that humans have not found the resources to change their lives or they have found but are not practicing/following the remedies recommended.

Again, I say that not one man or woman has an excuse not to live up to his/her full potential or have a happy life, because from time immemorial, billions of solutions have been provided by empathetic people who painstakingly reach out to counsel, motivate and inspire others.

I know when one book mattered a lot to me that I always carried it about. It became so ruffled because it had become the manual of my daily life. Then, if you read the book, you would see the replica in me- it was so undeniable.

We often read many books, but the number doesn’t matter if they don’t change our lives. Someone may have read only five books in his lifetime, but those five books could model him into a champion.

Reading a book over and over again and acting it until a time when you become the book is what makes a difference.

Letting one statement ring in your head over and over again, acting it until you become the statement is what makes the difference.

Not every book might be meant for you. Choosing to focus on some, sticking to some philosophies, valuing some proverbs, letting some songs be your favorite can help.

The most important thing is that those things you choose to focus on should change your life. Yes, blow your trumpet about them. Let people know that they are what you treasure, but in the same vein, let them know that they are the backbone behind your outstanding.

Again, I emphasize that the world has produced enough resources to make every single person great. Let every man then go to the river and fetch his colorful destiny.”

You see, let no man say “I didn’t know! No one told me how to become the best of me.” He who knows not, let him search; let him seek for knowledge, and in the end, the truth will set him free.

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