The race for a N20,000 scholarship to the Nirmala Chellarams Non-Profit Management Accelerator Certificate Program in Lagos is now complete, and we have selected two winners as follows:

1. Peniel, Mark-Edomwande

2. Oghenekefe, Ettoh


The Nirmala Chellarams Non-Profit Management Accelerator Certificate Program is a 6-weeks training course for Social Entrepreneurs, Social Sector Development Practitioners, NGO Professionals/Enthusiast and General Humanitarians and offers a fresh approach to non-profit management that will position participants for success and help them and their organization realize their vision and mandate.

The Faculty are all industry professionals who work, consult and teach in their various fields of expertise. Their professional practices allow them to bring current, dynamic and highly relevant content into the learning environment. The program covers essential knowledge, but also integrates emerging issues and trends that affects the Social Development Space.

DURATION: 6 Weeks (Sundays and Public Holidays Only)

START DATE: March 18th 2018 (3rd Sunday) – April 22nd 2018

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44 thoughts on “Two SI4DEV Partners Receive Scholarship for Nonprofit Management Training”

  1. Kudos! To fellows who merited this power spring board upon which so many wonderful things may be built on same.
    Keep soaring, and shining.
    And a million thanks to the governing board or board members who decided to allow this to be a motivating factor.

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