If you’re someone who’s into hair care or someone who loves hair and natural hair specifically, you should be familiar with the word “Split-ends” Well if you’re not familiar with the word, don’t worry I gat you. Split-ends is a hair condition which causes a single strand of hair to divide from the tip/end of hair and keep developing upwards to the roots of the hair and finally results in breaking of the hair strands and an unhealthy short hair. So if you’ve been wondering why your hair hasn’t passed a certain length, this might just be one of the reasons because your hair grows every single time except you have some medical conditions. There is no known cure for split-ends rather than cutting the affected parts off or else, the division just continues developing until it gets to the roots and when it gets to the roots, it delays hair growth very drastically.
I used this example because I feel like it explains everything I’ll be talking about. There are certain things, people, environment, or even ideas that has kept many people in a stagnant position for so long. I like to classify them as “Strongholds”. These things prevent us from making progress. Sometimes we make progress but then these strongholds make our progress crumble and crash easily. You try as hard as you can to succeed but you just keep failing due to these “Strongholds”. Because we’re Africans we tend to believe that when we fail, its our enemy who’s at work. Well it maybe true but I do not totally agree with that idea. Our failures in life is 80% dependent on the type of information we allow into our minds. The other 20% is dependent on what you do with it. Either you throw it away, or you dwell on it.
So what do you do to with strongholds? CUT THEM OFF. It might be that person who always tells you you’re not good enough and will never be good enough, it maybe the books you read that tells you that becoming your dream self is extremely difficult and someone in your caliber can never make it or it might your favorite TV show that tells you that if you’re not from a wealthy family you can never be influential or even go places. Well take that extra step today and CUT THEM OFF.
Cutting strongholds off may be really difficult but the profit is limitless. You’ll cut that thing that’s tearing you apart today and I assure you that in the future, you’ll look back and see the progress you’ve made by not taking those “Strongholds” along with you.

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