This is a movie I acted while at ASCON for my YALI program (YALI Nigeria Cohort 4)

Before I went to ASCON I had been advocating against Female Genital mutilation via @endcuttinggirls on instagram through the #Frownchallenge which takes place every last Friday of the month. When I read this script written by Bakakry Sinking who is a YALI participant from The Gambia, I asked him to cast me as Grandmaa Mary.

This movie portrays a woman trying to uphold tradition by all means, a son preventing the occurrence of tradition with all his might and eventually the deadly consequence of FGM.

To end FGM, we need to spread the word about it’s ills. It has no health benefits.

Watch and share to create more awareness, you might just save a young girl’s life.


28 thoughts on “A Bleeding Flower – Movie Against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)”

    1. It is not true. In fact, report has it that issues of promiscuity are even high on those who are circumcised. Factors that cause sexual promiscuity is beyond genital mutilation. It cut across personality to social factors and sometimes genetics/heredity

      1. You are right. I know of someone who is highly promiscus but she was circumcised. My interaction with her shows that the effect of circumcision has not allowed her to ‘ve sexual satisfaction hence, she crave for more. FGM does more harm than good to the women folk.

    2. Female Genital mutilation has no health benefits and it has nothing to do with a woman being promiscuous or not.
      The effects of FGM run deeper than death, if the victim survives.. She can have difficulty during birth, chronic infections amongst other dangerous side effects but yet again I trying to understand how this correlates to your question.
      No religion supports FGM
      No girl has to go through it

    1. Sensitization/awareness creation
      We have to educate the women who in order to their tradition, keep circumcising these young girls.
      We need to spread the word about it’s ills
      Obstructed labor
      Post partum hemorrhage
      Infections amongst other things

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