Hello, I am glad you visited my blog today and I am strongly convinced that you will have a paradigm shift by the time you are done reading this piece. So I decided to write on the above mentioned subject.

The subject matter of today sound biologically inclined but I must say that it goes far beyond biological terminology; it talks about many factors but to give you clear view and clue about this I will say it talks about the declining rate of virtually every system in our continent and the conspiracies that have led to this.

Over the years we were told that education is the key which I have never disputed while growing up but while I was growing I did the required which is to read and pass my exams. But as years goes by I discovered that the key was not coded enough to unlock the mystery that was hidden to give me the desired result. To worsen the matter the present state of the nation from various dispensations got worse as the so called “leaders of tomorrow” never saw the throne while he kept hoping to become the leader. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, inflation on the rice, political instability on the rise, brain drain of professional on the increase, skill exportation on the high and many more factors that have made the motherland suffer on the rise.

All this happening, no one has ever taught me how to make money, no one has taught me how to produce, no one has taught me how save, no one has taught me some of the deep secrets of money, no one has taught me how to build systems, no one has taught me the concept of inspiration and idea development and above all no one taught me how to understand the above and how to form a formidable alliance to get the result rather all I was taught to “garbage in and  garbage out” in other words “cramming” of formulae that never yield any tangible result outside the class room.

The ignorance of not knowing all these has made us in our continent and country an endangered species because the systems are not functional ranging from a failed Educational system that has tutors who are not qualified, educational system that is beset by bureaucratic processes, bribery, and bad infrastructure which give out bad products. The effect of what happens in this sector is what automatically rubs off on other sector because one who is not well learned in a field will never give more than he knows that is if he or she knows anything at all. We are endangered species.

We are in a technological age where everything is fast changing and the trend moving very fast yet so many things are still done the old way and we can’t meet the standard of our contemporaries in the west. I tell you we are endangered species. A 24year old in United States is a PhD holder, in our nation Nigeria the same age is still writing Jamb and depends on his parents. The system is totally not helping matters. Corruption is the order of the day, this is because even the family system where the basic virtues of living and relating with others in term of respect, accountability have failed woefully because value systems has been bastardised. I tell you we are endangered species.

Now if you agree with me you will know that everything I have mentioned here are all real and happening here in this country and the continent at large. Beyond mentioning this we all need to know the way forward and how we can all leave this mayhem we are in.

First of all we must first accept the fact that if we don’t do anything about these happenings in around us ranging from our educational, economic, political, entertainment and what have you systems, we will end up recycling same thing for our unborn children and generations to come. It is beyond the chanting the popular quote “The change begins with me”. We have a lot of people who know how to speak the best lines of English language but proactive measures to getting the desired and required results is nothing to write home about.

We have been carried away by too much reading and become so much bookish that we know many things and act nothing. We have always heard that real leaders read. Now don’t get me wrong but the truth remains that there is always a missing link which is the reason Nigeria is still the way it is. OUR LEADERS HAVE FAILED AND THE TIME IS NOW TO ACT.

It is so unfortunate that many youths have not taken their time to study the political trends of this nation and all that has transpired all the while which is why they celebrate these men who do nothing but feel like they do the electorate favor instead of fulfilling the mandate.


Finally, my question is what are you doing every day to stay out of the endangered species? Keep the answer to yourself and act!

Thanks for reading

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  1. Gbagam. You just hit the nail on the head. In Africa, teenagers and youths like myself are not taught to get themselves involved with extra curricular activities, the only thing we hear always is book book book and when you’re even done with installing tons of books in your head and then graduate, you become unemployed.

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