We do spend a fair amount of time talking with our clients, community leaders, partners we work with about “desired outcomes” That is the first step in planning any kind of communication.

The Concept of an Outcome

That said, I think it would be imperative to define the concept of an outcome given its importance.  The better we can define what we need to accomplish, the better the chance we will succeed at achieving it.  After all, if we don’t know where we’re going, how will we get there?

The dictionary defines an “outcome” as  a consequence, an observable end result, a change in business performance, something that follows from an action.  It’s also defined as a conclusion reached via the process of logical thinking.

When we inquire about a desired outcome, we want a clear business objective.  That is, a measurable result like people trained, customers served, share of market, or people in seats.  This kind of outcome is a consequence of action by  the teams and individuals whose goal is to deliver on the business objective.

Another way to look at this: If what you want to achieve isn’t in line with moving the organisation or campaign forward, it’s important to think long and hard about whether this goal is worth doing at all.


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