There were four friends: three boys and a girl. These people became friends far back as toddlers. Of the four, there was a pair of twin brothers- though not identical, but they looked very much alike. One of the twins was very bright and had the poise of a potential leader, but was very stingy! The others were liberal and benevolent, but not as ‘sound’ as he was.

Have you ever thought of how your stinginginess can affect the people around you? Especially those whom you ought to share with? Stinginess could be in different forms and areas. Sometimes we are stingy with emotions, stingy with good, kind or appreciative words, stingy with knowledge, and the common we know is stingy with money. Anyway, let’s move on!

This twin, who was the brightest of his friends, never shared his knowledge with them. His friendship never made an impact. He refused to teach his friends, would do assignments without assisting with theirs and get the best marks, while his friends who weren’t so bright would obtain average to poor grades. The worst was that he often mocked them. At a point, the girl who appeared to be the dullest had to repeat a class after much struggles. Years later, they all graduated from the university, with the stingy one making a 4.48- I believe life wanted to teach him a lesson. Anyway, his brother graduated with a 2:1 as well, the other boy a 2:2 and the girl two years later with a 3rd Class. The stingy one continued with his stingy acts, finding job opportunities, applying for them and not divulging to his friends. But you know what? Even though he was the first to graduate from school, the others got gainfully engaged few months after their NYSC while he has remained unemployed till date. Despite he was confident of graduating with a 1st class and being retained by the school, life happened to him- he never did!


I met this young man during at one of the leadership programs I attended last year, and like he continued to explain, the young lady had become  a Zoologist got a job with WWF, the other guy won an international grant and established a business where he has over 20 staff working for him and producing millions of naira monthly, and his twin brother got a job in an oil firm. The three together sponsored his Master’s program and are currently putting him through his PHD as well. They were the ones who took care of his wedding and have been helping him sustain his family.

Now, what is this young man regretting? As I was speaking with him, his friend called from Uganda to check on him. After the call, tears formed in his eyes. He said, “She wanted to be a medical doctor, but I mocked her. If I had put her through, she would have become one of the nicest doctors the world has ever produced. She would have known better, had I taught her.” Well, today the young lady earns heavy foreign currency, despite all. However, that young man had the opportunity to get her in the way of her passion but never did. Where did all of his attitude lead him to?

Think about people who were in position to help others in one way or the other but never did. Think about how tightly we hold unto what others need, as though they were meant for us. Think about how that young man kept concealing information on jobs which weren’t meant for him- he did apply for them, but destiny said no! Think about how he had the opportunity to lead his friends and be a hero today, but did the reverse and is now at their mercy.

In his final words, he said to me. ”If I could turn back the hands of time, I woul teach make great impact in their lives and proof to others that we are the best. ”

Many people today are no different from that young man. When they see opportunities, they refuse to share them. They think that by being discrete, others will not steal their chances to win. Sometimes, they even find opportunities that don’t fit them, but instead of passing it on, they let it go. To them, if they can’t have it, then why should someone else have it? That is wickedness. Moreover, it is important to know that if people around us don’t get the opportunities or jobs we see, others that we do not know will get them. Isn’t it then better to see to see people around us progress?

When I see opportunities, I like to share it with people I know. Last year,  I shared the Tony Elumelu Foundation grants application with about 18 friends because I wanted some of us to get it. And God being kind, two out of us got it! At least, there is a circulation of the fund within my niche. It is good to share. It is good to release what we are in custody of- that way we, bless others and increase our chances to succeed in our own endeavours. There is no doubt that those who have been involved in sharing and helping others have been experiencing successes in the works of their hands as well.


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  1. True… i can relate, there was a time a friend of mine was struggling with saving, it was hard for him so i advice him to invest in real estate, he does not have to bother about trying to save stipends every month and end up with nothing.. his response was have you done it, i said that is why i don’t get broke, then he said are you sure you are a Nigerian, then i asked him what he meant, he said a typical Nigerian will never show you how he is making legit money except its rituals.. i thought about it and for real i can count some of my friends that has ever advised me on how to make money, yet i am better than them when it comes to what is left. May God help our mindset.

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