Nigeria my home,
A place with wonderful people,
The Green White Green People,
A land blessed with diverse people group.

From the rising Sun from the South-East
To the Jewel in the Savana of the North-East

Her People ever glowing
Her People radiates with Smiles

Her People ever focused
Her People ever Hard working

Oh Nigeria, My dream
Oh Nigeria, My hope
Oh Nigeria, I scream

What has happened to you?
Awake, Awake, Awake
Awake Oh Giant of Africa from Slumber
The world awaits your shining again.

Arise O Compatriot Nigeria Call Obey
Days of Past Glory is gone

Haruna! Emeka! Segun!
Bolanle! Aisha! Nneka!

The time is now!
Mother Nigeria await you
Build her now

It begina with you and I.

Make Nigeria Again.

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