Leadership is a ten letter words with high responsibility and task with it. In our fast moving generation where you have to learn on a per second bill or you stand the chance of been left out. You have to be up and doing.

Volunteering is another platform where your leadership skill and character will be placed on test as you are not paid to do what you do. So your real motivation is determine by the passion you have for what you do and how you do it.

The Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative has opened my eyes to more to leadership and Passion. It has expanded my horizon and beyond doing what I do, I make sure I give my 101% with my team to get the result needed.

The concept of Virtual Volunteering is something most organisation don’t do but the Board of SI4DEV employed this strategy and I must say it has paid off big time, the result gotten is an eye opener to us all. For me as an individual it is an experience and a lesson learnt.

The platform has availed me to make wonderful relationships with wonderful people such as Samuel, Treasure, Yosi, Chuks, Musa, Idoko, Jude, John, Abubakar, and many more people outside my location group.

It is has strengthened my virtue of patience when leading others because you must meet people with different ideology towards life and this makes it more difficult and fun sometime. The ability of me to create balance at that moment is where my patience comes into play.

My coordination skills is out of this world, my evaluation skills improved, and many more skills I have acquired so far.

Salutations to the Founders and Board Members of this great organization. I say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve.

I remain my humble self.

Ukaigweh Roberts Nnaemeka (  08026387952

SI4DEV Kaduna

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