In line with the recent ban on codeine importation in Nigeria, and the rate of drug abuse recorded amongst youths today, Si4dev Lagos_Magodo group proposed an outreach to secondary schools, to enlighten the students about the dangers of drug abuse.

We wrote to two secondary schools, namely: The International School, University of Lagos, Akoka-Yaba and Queens’ College, Yaba both in Lagos State.

After weeks of diligent follow up by Miss. Julie Obi, we were invited by Queens College to speak to the students briefly at the assembly ground on Friday June 29, 2018. We were informed that the students were starting exams, and so it was not possible to avail us the two hours with the students, as we had requested.

They however, promised to inform us of a later and more convenient date in September, when the students return from vacation.

Brief summary:

We arrived the school at 7am and were given a warm welcome by the Principal and staff. The assembly began at 7:30 am and after the school activities, we were introduced by the principal to address the students.

The spokes person for the group, Miss. Nwamaka Osu introduced herself, the other members of the group and Si4dev. She spoke extensively about who we are, what we do and the purpose and importance of the visit.

She briefly explained the meaning of drug abuse, different kind of drugs that people abuse, which include prescription drugs such as cough syrups which contain codeine. She further explained that drug abuse is the reason behind 85% of cases of people who end up in the psychiatric wards, and most of the time, people get into drugs due to peer pressure, and because someone simply asked them to try it.

She ended by thanking the Management of the school, for the opportunity given, and promised that we would revisit the school for an elaborate campaign, at a later date that the school would give to us.

Mr. Taiwo who was also present at the outreach, explained that it is wrong for parents who are not medical doctors, to administer drugs to their children, without proper tests and medical advice.

The Principal thanked us immensely for coming, and  promised that the school management would inform us of a later and more convenient date in September, when the students return from vacation.

In attendance were:

  1. Julie Obi
  2. Nwamaka Osu
  3. Ojo Adewuyi Taiwo .M.


  1. First of all, I commend you all for doing this great job. This campaign will never stop until we all get the maximum result out of it. The menace of drug abuse in our society is something else especially the youths and younger generation. Thanks for taking this to this secondary school students

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